4 social media content hacks for growth

Have you been feeling uninspired by your social media posts lately? It happens more frequently than we’d like to admit.

With the increasing demands for new content, it might be difficult to come up with new, original ideas on a regular basis. To assist you get out of a creative rut, we’ve looked at four social media content hacks that can completely revamp your timeline and inspire fresh high-quality posts.


Hack #1: Make Use of User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is exactly what it sounds like: content contributed by your brand’s customers, such as images, reviews, and testimonials, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs).

UGC not only relieves you of the burden of coming up with new content ideas on a regular basis, but it also serves as a valuable tool for social media growth. Because of the power of word-of-mouth marketing, user-generated content is 42 percent more likely to generate extra traffic, leads, and sales than material published by you.


Hack #2: Showcase Your Brand Behind-the-Scenes Using Go-Live Features

On average, consumers watch 92 minutes of digital video every day.

How can your firm take advantage of this massive digital consumption?

By going live.

Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, to name a few, all provide easy live video services.

While video footage is a wonderful source of social media material in general, going live allows your fans to interact with you in real time, something pre-filmed video does not.


Hack #3: Diversify Your Content Assets

While your target audience may have a common need, they are also a varied set of people with a variety of learning styles.

By varying your content assets, you increase the likelihood that your social media content will resonate with a broader section of your audience.

To that end, you should create a library of content assets such as infographics, success stories, blogs, videos, and other consumable social media material.


Hack #4: Create Cohesive Campaigns Across Social Channels

While it would be great if similar content was successful across all social media platforms, this is not always the case. As previously said, various channels have diverse audiences with varying requirements and expectations.

When creating your cross-social marketing, you want to present a clear story that does not bore your reader. On each platform, thematically connected material should be displayed differently.



Using these four social media content hacks, you will be able to not only refresh your existing content portfolio, but also begin to rebuild and rebrand if required.

By going live on Instagram with a new arrivals video or partnering with Cohley to refresh your UGC, you can revitalise your content strategy and drive growth.



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