How to use gifs on instagram stories

Learning how to use GIFs on Instagram Stories is a great way to give your audience exactly what they want: To know who you are and why they should do business with you.

GIFs get the point across quickly and save the small talk for later. In this guide, you’ll learn why you should start using them and how to do so.


Why Should You Use GIFs in Instagram Stories?

Posting GIFs on Instagram Stories isn’t just a fun or quirky thing to do. As marketers, we always have our ultimate goal in mind: To create conversions.

Believe it or not, GIFs are powerful marketing tools that you can use across all social media platforms.

Here’s what using GIFs can do:


Increase Brand Awareness

We all know the internet loves cats. A cat GIF is sure to show them how great your company is, right?

Not necessarily.

When it comes to GIF usage, context and branding matter. You can’t just throw a GIF up and expect it’ll draw people in. You still want people to recognise your brand and its personality.


Develop Brand Interest

While this point goes hand-in-hand, it’s essential to understand the difference between brand awareness and interest.

If you’re developing brand awareness, you’re letting people know about you for the first time.

If you’re building brand interest, you’re trying to appeal to those who are on the fence about you.

Now you have warm leads, and you’re trying to reel them in so they’ll make a purchase. Take that GIF of the cats with the wine glass hats, and add a 25 percent off code.

By showing your brand’s personality and giving an incentive to buy, you may go from awareness to interest to conversion, all through one very short video.


Deliver Your Important Message

As brands realise that their audience, particularly millennials, care about causes and make purchasing decisions based on brands’ values, they have gotten increasingly on board with taking sides.

To draw extra attention to a cause your company believes in, you can use a GIF rather than a block of text or a static image. For instance, if global climate change is your company’s focus, you can use a GIF about that to draw the eye.

If a potential customer’s values align with yours and their eye is drawn to this GIF, they may be more likely to click on it to learn more about you and your beliefs.


Simpler Than Video but Better than Images

Visual communication helps you better communicate with your audience. In fact, producing visual content is becoming an industry standard.

Images generally draw the eye better than text.

Videos usually draw the eye better than images.

However, videos can be expensive to produce. GIFs? You can often find them for free! You just need to make sure your message gets across when you choose your short, moving image.


GIFs Communicate a Lot in a Short Time

GIFs are great for helping users consume a lot in a short amount of time. Plus, they usually loop. If they missed your message the first time, it’ll come back around again.

GIFs could serve as the ultimate “pattern interrupt.”


Next time you have a new product, consider introducing it to the public with a GIF.



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