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If you’ve not checked out Instagram Reels yet, you need to get to it. Instagram is giving some crazy good traffic to accounts that are using the feature!

The organic reach of Reels right now is higher than most other types of posts. Billboards reach a large amount of people by being placed in high traffic areas. Reels are similar to this, it can show others who has watched similar content to yours, interacted with the same niche, or follow accounts similar to yours.

People can see your Reels in places like the Reels tab and effects, hashtags, audio pages, and the Explore page. In other words, the reach for Reels goes beyond your current follow list!


Here’s a few tips on reaching your first 100K+ views on Reels: ⁠

  1. The hook
  2. Add text in the middle and beginning
  3. Use hashtags
  4. Upload a cover
  5. Push Reels to your feed
  6. Use trending music
  7. Take advantage of trends


The Hook

The hook refers to the part of a video that will spark interest in viewers, where you’ve done or said something that looks/sounds shocking or exciting, etc. As the viewer stays on longer watching your video, the algorithm will pick it up and show your video to more people.

Remember that people scroll endlessly through thousands of videos every day, they need to be interested and hooked within the first few seconds for them to stick around and watch the full video.

Structure your videos so it begins with the hook, then begin the video from start after that. Pull them in then present the rest of the content.



Add Text in the Middle and Beginning

Instagram Reels videos are typically shown in the feeds without sound when a user is scrolling. You need to add text that sums up the value and purpose of the video.

Unlike TikTok, where your content is shown full screen and with the sound on, Reels typically show videos without sound until the person clicks on the unmute button. Adding text that sums up the purpose of the video can tell the viewer what the video is about – if they’re interested they will turn on the sound and watch it.



Use Hashtags 

Use the right hashtags that are relevant and carefully chosen so they’re appropriate for the type of Reel you’re posting. ⁠This is an important step because on Instagram people are still posting on the feed as normal and not taking full advantage of Reels. By using the relevant hashtags appropriate for your video and niche then there’s a high chance your content can begin trending on big hashtags.

P.S. look through trending hashtags and see which ones your videos would fit in. Your hashtags should be strategic. Add a good mixture of large, medium and small hashtags to reach a wider range of audiences!



Upload a Cover 

Whenever anyone scrolls through your feed or your Reels feed you want to get them to click, right? ⁠ By adding a nice cover that sums up the value of the post, with an image and headline similar to what you do on YouTube, it will entice people to tap your post to view. ⁠ ⁠

You can use Canva for easy graphic design to create your reel covers, or select a still from the video as your cover. Your cover will be shown on your feed so when a viewer is scrolling through your profile or hashtag pages, there’s a high chance they will click on it and view your video.

Although, the only times a viewer doesn’t see your cover is if they are going through your reels feed already or your video comes up on their personal feed.



Push Reels to your feed 

When sharing you Reel you can click on the button that says “Also share to feed”. Posting your Reel on your feed as well means your followers can view your content on their personal feed as well as the Reels feed.

This way your content is being pushed to more people from the get-go. This gives you a higher chance of getting seen on the Explore page as your views and engagement will increase. With higher engagement on a video, the Instagram algorithm will push it out to more people not on your followers list.



Use Trending Music

Music plays an important role in Reel videos, just as it does on TikTok videos. If you chose a catchy song, your content has a better chance of being successful. You can also boost the chances of your reel being featured by utilising popular songs.

Use original audios from well-known pages, as these are trends that many other pages will follow. People will find your page if they choose to click on the original audio, which will bring up all of the videos that use that audio. This is a great strategy to boost your page’s organic reach and help you be discovered by new pages who might not have clicked on your page otherwise.



Take Advantage of Trends

See what’s trending right now on reels or even TikTok (many people still get their trending ideas from TikTok) and add your own unique touch to it. Relate it back to your niche, but most important just have fun with it!

Trends come and go, so you need to make sure you’re not too late to a trend as well. If you’re feeling confident, try starting your own branded challenge. This will surely make people in your niche audience interact with your content and share it.


If you needed more convincing, 81% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year.


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