What is the difference between branding and marketing?


Branding is the marketing practice of actively shaping your brand. Branding is about defining who you are as a business. It’s your mission, your values, and what makes you special.



Marketing is defined as the set of tools, processes, and strategies you use to actively promote your product, service, and business.


Have you considered the difference between branding and marketing?⁠

⁠As a business owner, you must have a thorough understanding of both branding and marketing in order to properly use both. ⁠

Branding is both who you are and what you do. You must ask yourself several questions to help you figure out who you are as a business, but more importantly, who you are as a brand. ⁠

Consider these questions when determining your brand: ⁠

  1. What are your core principles and values? ⁠
  2. What is your mission statement? ⁠
  3. What inspired you to build your business? ⁠
  4. Why do you want to offer your products or services to your target audience? ⁠
  5. What makes you unique? ⁠



Marketing refers to the tools you utilise to deliver the message of your brand. Marketing will continually change and evolve. Marketing will be directly and specifically geared towards sectors of your target audience, all while supporting the core values. ⁠

Marketing will be performed by a variety of online and offline methods including: ⁠

  1. SEO⁠ ⁠
  2. Social Media Marketing⁠
  3. Pay Per Click Marketing⁠
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Radio Advertising
  6. Magazines


While marketing promotes your product or service, branding helps you actively shape your brand and who you are. You’ll need different strategies for each, as they have different goals and outcomes.


– Marketing attracts a customer’s attention, branding is a technique to hold it.

– Sales are driven by marketing, while brand awareness and loyalty are driven by branding.

– Branding comes first, marketing comes second.

– Marketing methods come and go, branding is forever.

– Branding has an impact on your team just as much as it does on your customers.



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