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The COVID Pandemic has certainly caused major havoc in the travel industry and as we slowly blossom from the chaos, we can start to identify some new trends and ways to grow your travel business post-pandemic. 

We’ve put together a few ways you can start growing your travel business now!


1. Keep in touch with your customers

Travellers are waiting for the moment when their favourite countries or those places they have not yet visited will become available again. They read dozens of travel blogs and make plans for their future trips.

For customers to choose you, you have to constantly inform them about changes and new products. Become a trusted source for your customers and create your travel agency blog, where they can find up-to-date information on recent events related to the opening and closing of borders, the possibility of booking hotels in advance, security measures and travel conditions.


2. Introduce new technologies into your workflow

The world is changing and it’s already difficult to imagine life without technology. In travel, the role of technology is incredibly important and this trend will continue to grow over the next year and in subsequent years.

With the help of technology, you can immediately inform your customers about changes. Soon, travellers will be able to receive digital certificates of vaccinations, as well as learn online about their tours and obtain a visa and other documents. You must be at the forefront and guarantee your clients the fast work speed of your company and safety.

In different countries, governments provide different requirements for tourists. Providing clear and up-to-date international travel requirements, as well as updating information about the changing conditions for travellers in a timely manner, will be essential to support travellers throughout their journey.

Many travel companies are already starting to implement virtual reality technology in their work to show a preview of hotel rooms, aircraft cabins and excursions to iconic places of the city. This will help provide your clients with more detailed information about the upcoming trip.


3. Do your research and update your tours

Many are already planning where they will go next year and are looking for new destinations that are not yet filled with crowds. To increase the interest of your clients, update your tours and discover new places of their dreams. Change routes, and add locations that are hidden from human eyes to delight potential and loyal customers.

In addition, update the database of your photos. You want fresh, bright photos that will grab the attention of potential clients.

Also, update the characteristics of the tours. Tell your clients about new excursions and locations that are available for visiting. Provide comprehensive information to call your clients to action.


4. Offer sustainable leisure options

More and more travellers are paying great attention to sustainability and how they can enjoy eco-friendly travel. 

This trend is set to grow in 2022. Travel agencies are looking for various ways to provide low-carbon travel to reduce emissions to the environment and atmosphere.

Your travel agency’s environmental initiative is essential because:

  • 65% of tourists expect tourism organisations to offer them sustainable travel options.
  • 45% of travellers worry about waste disposal and consider it one of the most dangerous problems.
  • More than 40% of travellers are willing to give up air travel to reduce emissions into the environment.

Be the first to define environmental goals and provide tourists with the opportunity to choose an organisation that is focused on ecology and innovation.



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