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When is the best time to post something on Instagram? There are countless answers to this question available on the internet. So, who is correct, who is incorrect?

According to seven different sources, the best time to post on Instagram is broken down by day, week, industry, time zone, and post type breakdowns
Tips and considerations for determining the best time.

We’ve gone by Later’s August 2021 report which is based on a study of 35M posts, excluding Reels and IGTV.

The results? read on to find out:


So what is the best times to post on Instagram?

Best time of day: 3am-6am
Best day: Sunday
Best day and time: Sunday 6am
Worst day: Weds and Thurs


You might be thinking, like us, that this has to be a mistake. They’re super early! What’s the story?

Well, most businesses’ Instagram marketing strategy is to post when their audiences are most active (9am-1pm), but this is also when competition is fierce. So, if you post before that, you are more likely to receive more engagement, causing the algorithm to favor your post and give you a head start in ranking. Furthermore, you increase the likelihood that you will appear in the feeds of your followers.


Day Best time Second best time
Monday 5:00 AM 1am, 3-6am, 7pm
Tuesday 6:00 AM 3am, 5-6am, 10pm
Wednesday 6:00 AM 3-6am
Thursday 5:00 AM 2am, 4-6am
Friday 6:00 AM 2-6am
Saturday 6:00 AM 1am, 3am, 6am, 11pm
Sunday 6:00 AM 2am, 6-7am, 10pm


Is there a worst time to post?

  • Monday: 2PM
  • Tuesday: 1PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM
  • Thursday: 11PM
  • Friday: 9AM
  • Saturday: 8PM
  • Sunday: 4PM


While these local times are a good starting point, it’s best to find your personalised best times to post based on your unique audience if you want to get the most engagement.

You can actually hack the algorithm in this way to increase your reach and get more likes and followers!

Analyse the following to determine your personal best times to post on Instagram:

Instagram Insights – Use this to determine where the majority of your followers are and when they are most active. This is an excellent starting point. Alternatively, you can use a spreadsheet to manually track when you post on Instagram and how your posts perform over time.



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