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LinkedIn and influencer are two terms that you probably never imagined would go together. 

But don’t underestimate LinkedIn’s potential in 2022! 

They’ve begun to put more money into creators. They’re making it easy to share content and create an audience, from the Creative Mode rollout to worldwide creator initiatives… and this is only the beginning. 


But what is the reason behind LinkedIn’s increased popularity? 


The rise of the work-from-home culture has helped many individuals recognise the value of developing a distinctive personal brand in addition to the one you have with your firm. 

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for increasing awareness and showcasing thought leadership within your larger network. Not to mention the engagement potential is out of this world! 

More creators will use the platform this year, as will professionals building their own identities and CEOs promoting themselves as experts in their sector.


Don’t get left behind, make sure your business is active on LinkedIn. If you’d like help with social media marketing and posting creative content, then be sure to get in touch with our team. We’ll get you started!



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