tips for growing linkedin company page followers

Did you know that LinkedIn currently has 660 million users from over 200 countries representing over 30 million businesses? 

Having your own LinkedIn company page is essentially the same as having your own virtual store front on the professional social media platform. 

The company page becomes a communication channel with which you can reach out to new groups of potential prospects and cultivate connections before completing sales. 

If you aim to build your LinkedIn company page followers in 2022 and attract the right audience and followers then this article is a must-read for you.


1. Optimise your LinkedIn company page

That means you should upload a logo, and it should be square. This will allow you to show your company logo as a small, easily identifiable icon. 

After you’ve uploaded your logo, be sure to fill out all of the areas of your LinkedIn company page. 

Make sure you have a correct description. Include links to your website so that visitors may learn more about you. 

If you have a team, you should give access for the admins who manage your businesses so that various individuals may access your page and share content. 

Also, include business hashtags, and if you have a group or a LinkedIn group, or intend to start one, connect it to your company page so people can find your group or company hashtags directly on the page.


2. Join conversations that matter to your brand 

One-sided conversations do not build strong communities. Engage with people and help shape current conversations on the site to make your LinkedIn Page look dynamic, engaged, and approachable.

Community Hashtags are an easy method to accomplish this. You can attach up to three unique hashtags with your Page, making it more discoverable to users who are interested in the topic. 

You’ll also be able to react to and comment on hashtag feed conversations from the perspective of your business, creating out a distinct point of view.


3. Know and grow your audience

You can access detailed, aggregated statistics on the demographics and attributes of your followers and visitors using Page analytics from either the desktop or mobile app. 

You’ll also be able to see which of your posts and updates are generating the most interest. With these insights, you’ll be able to continuously optimise for greater audience alignment, giving the sort of content they value the most.


4.  Create and share content on your company page

A LinkedIn content marketing strategy is important since it will lay the groundwork for the type of material you are attempting to develop. 

Create and share engaging posts, or create a video with a text explanation, and share it on your company’s page.


5. Use LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads are an excellent tool for increasing the number of followers on your LinkedIn company profile, fast. If you can put a budget behind ads, you can target very precisely. 

Tip: It’s more cheaper to persuade someone to become a LinkedIn follower on your company page than it is to run an ad on LinkedIn that sends them to an external landing page where they may not sign up, wasting your money.



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