How to get a better deal when it comes to local tourism

A local tourist is someone who goes beyond the normal trappings of an area and out of their way to support local businesses. By putting money in the hands of those who aren’t considered a part of the ‘mass tourism’ wheel, you can create authentic and out of the box experiences that many others will miss out on – while also benefiting the local community. The introduction and development of this kind of tourism allows local people an economical and educational growth that wouldn’t otherwise be available. It also allows both the locals and tourists a chance to experience other cultures, broadening everyone’s understanding of the world.

Here, That’s The Ticket share tips on how to get a better deal when it comes to local tourism!

Travel off-peak

Everyone knows that travelling outside of the peak periods will always save you money, but local tourism also offers this benefit too. Partaking in local tourism when it’s outside of busy months will enable you to find better prices, with local businesses more likely to offer deals and price drops to ensure a consistent and regular customer base.

Go sustainable

You’d be surprised at the deals that can be found when avoiding ‘over-tourism’ and the residence attached to it. Instead of opting for a massive hotel complete with the latest technology, why not choose a simple cottage or home that will benefit the local community? Not only may you find a better deal and gain a more authentic experience, but you’ll also be benefiting the environment.

Do your research

The wonder of discovery is a great part of a trip, with lesser-known spots you can stumble on all over the place. While this is an enticing thought, doing your research and planning your spending with regards to local tourism will always be beneficial. On top of this, plan your travel routes so that you can spend your money on the local transport industry wisely and not just blow your money on taxis.

Go small

Small towns are great, budget-friendly places to visit. Away from the hustle and bustle, and competitiveness of visitor attractions in the cities, visiting small towns not only revitalizes and invigorates communities but also provides a slower, more relaxed pace to explore.

That’s The Ticket are supporting local tourism

Lockdown has created a huge range of challenges – especially for local venues within the travel and hospitality sector that have been forced to close their premises, whilst other businesses that stayed open are facing a completely changed economic landscape that they are trying to survive in. Within these challenges, there are also fantastic opportunities. That’s The Ticket, a tourism consultancy that offers a brand new way of doing sales and marketing, was born during lockdown out of a desire to help the travel and tourism industry. Get in touch to see how we can help support your business!



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