5 tips for travel businesses to survive the winter lockdown

The second lockdown has seen many businesses find renewed trouble, especially for those within the travel and tourism industry. There’s a tough road ahead but there are plenty of things businesses can do to maintain their status. Here, we share five tips for travel businesses to survive the winter lockdown.

Plan ahead, way ahead

Your first thought should, of course, be getting through lockdown and coming out the other end, but don’t fall into the mistake of not planning for the far future. For example, now’s the perfect time to implement an SEO strategy if you haven’t already. Everything’s not just going to go back to normal, so failing to come up with a plan of action for after lockdown ends will leave you high and dry.

Allow customers to get in early

With the cold winter days upon us, the public is already looking forward to their getaways in summer 2021. Using your marketing to get ahead of the game and have people investing in you early, no matter how small the investment may be. Running an early bird initiative, and communicating that effectively, will really capitalise on the general mood of the public during this time.

Be flexible

The key indicator of many industries across the globe right now is uncertainty. No one knows what will happen in the near future, so have a contingency plan ready that allows you to be flexible and continue operating, in the same way restaurants are still offering takeaways in a time where they’re not allowed to open for seating customers. Be flexible with your ticketing strategy also, open redemptions will feed more confidence in buying.

Become a part of free nationwide initiatives

Several have been initiated this year in response to the pandemic, for example, Britain Unites, launched by the UK travel industry to offer NHS workers free or discounted tickets, and London Tourism Cooperative, a new not for profit marketing consortium launched by the team at made. Being a part of these brings you together with like-minded companies and individuals, all in the same position, and wanting to, together, rebuild the travel and tourism economy. 

Safety first

Make sure that you’re well equipped for re-opening once the lockdown ends, with safety measures and PPE on hand to ensure you’re adhering to what will no doubt be a load of strict guidelines. Communicate the safety measures you have put in place by producing video for example, not only will this promote your brand but also put potential customers at ease.



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