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How to Use the Instagram Stories  Scheduled Sticker 

Say hello to Instagram Stories’ newest sticker, “Scheduled.” 

It’s an expansion of Instagram’s “Add Reminder” and “Live Scheduling” services, providing brands and businesses with another way to promote upcoming events or livestreams.  

How does it work? Well first you must have an event or Instagram Live scheduled, then you can use the new “Scheduled” sticker to let your audience know of the event.


To create an Instagram event, follow these steps: 

1. On the Home screen, press the Plus button and select “Post.” 

2. On the “New Post” screen, click the “Add Reminder” button. 

3. Enter a “Reminder name” and a “Start time” for the reminder (between 3 months from the current date and one hour from the current time) 

4. Click “Done” to finish creating the event reminder.


To Schedule an Instagram Live:

1. Press the + button on the Home screen and select “Live”

2. From the right-hand side of the screen, select “Schedule.” 

3. Enter the “Video title” and the “Start time” (between 3 months from the current date and one hour from the current time) 

4. Select “Schedule Live Video.” 

Once you’ve planned an event or an Instagram Live, go to the Instagram Stories editor and create a story. 

Open the sticker tray by tapping the smiley-face symbol and selecting the “Scheduled” sticker. 

Tap the event you wish to promote, then place the sticker on your Stories. It’s that easy!

When your Instagram story is live, viewers can tap the sticker to make in-app event reminders. 


While this isn’t a significant feature update, it is a fun new way for brands and businesses to promote future events. 

The sticker’s integrated design makes event advertising much easier. 

Don’t yet have access? No worries, it should be available to all accounts soon!



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