Digital marketing trends for the travel industry

During the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry were undoubtedly one of the hardest hit. A lot of changes and new trends meant that travel companies needed to adjust their digital marketing strategies in order to stay open.

Here are the top three digital marketing trends in the travel sector, as well as strategies for responding to them.


Utilising User-Generated Content

The travel industry is all on providing clients with unforgettable experiences. This lends itself nicely to user-generated content, which is content provided by actual customers of a certain business, product, or service.

Travellers are marketing savvy and can identify the difference between genuine content and artificial advertising. Customers, particularly in this post-pandemic atmosphere, need personal interaction. Before they commit to your business, they want to know that others like them believe in it.

Tap into this by doing the following:

  • Incentives for visitors to share their experiences
  • Getting your own employees involved
  • Sharing as much user-generated content as possible to encourage and convert customers into brand advocates


Tailoring the Customer Experience

Travelling is a personal experience. People tend to spend a lot of time planning and budgeting for holidays. They want to feel like they’re being treated as esteemed guests while on holiday.

As more people travel again, hospitality and travel-related companies should seize the opportunity to satisfy both new and returning consumers.

One way they may accomplish this is by offering more relevant content. This will help foster better customer connections through personalisation. By tracking how customers interact with your content, you’ll build a better profile for each user and serve them more relevant and engaging content.

Personalisation that makes a client or guest feel special helps to promote brand awareness, customer spend, and the possibility of repeat business.


Putting Mobile First

While working from home may give the impression that desktop use has grown, mobile will account for 55% of page views in 2021. Travel and hospitality companies must improve their digital touchpoints. This will ensure that the consumer journey from the homepage to the checkout page is smooth and seamless.

Mobile apps have also become common in the travel sector, allowing for paperless travel. Apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay make it even easier to buy services and goods all across the world. Ensure that your client journey is mobile-friendly at all times.



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