gen z vs millennial: social media marketing

Although Gen Z and Millennial audiences are usually grouped together, they require distinct social marketing strategies — here’s what you need to know.


At first glance, Gen Z and Millennials may appear to be the same, but a closer look reveals that each group is unique in its own right.

You’ll need a firm understanding of what differentiates each demographic to catch their attention.

Because as their total influence grows, so does their purchasing power (which presently stands as $1.54 trillion!).


What’s the Difference Between Gen Z and Millennial Audiences? 

Understanding what sets these two generations apart can help you better cater your content to the needs of each.


Who is a Millennial?

According to the Pew Research Center, anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (currently aged 25 to 40) is considered a Millennial.

In general, they value privacy and are known for being curious and self-reliant, as they were the first to properly understand the digital world.

And, unlike previous generations, they are more at ease with social media and can adapt to changing trends.


Who is a Gen Z?

Social media and Wi-Fi, on the other hand, have been part of Gen Z’s vocabulary since birth.

They are truly digital natives, ranging in age from 9 to 24, and were practically born with a smart phone in hand!

Gen Z is often more innovative in the digital realm than Millennial, as technology has always been so incorporated into their life. They are frequently at the forefront of emerging trends like TikTok and Instagram.


The Key Differences on Social Media

Social Media Usage Trends

Because Millennials like a variety of material formats, it’s worth repurposing your message into both written and video media. However, for Gen Z, focus on engaging and direct video content.  Attract video-obsessed Gen Z audiences using video-friendly platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok.

It’s worth focusing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for Millennials, as well as experimenting with various advertising techniques such as online ads, carousel posts, and podcasting.

We also suggest branching out into email marketing, which is a terrific way to reach out to Millennials.

Incorporate a weekly or monthly email into your marketing strategy.

You can publish important company news, announce new product releases, and drive traffic to your website this way.


Brand Trust and Loyalty

Using the power of influencer marketing to grow your brand is a fantastic approach to interact with both Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

Customers are introduced to your brand through a trusted source (the influencer) on a platform like Instagram or YouTube, which removes the barriers of traditional advertising.

When an influencer endorses a product or service on their channel, it appears to be a trustworthy tip from a friend, increasing the likelihood that they will become a customer (and advocate) for your brand.


Customer Experience

Because Millennials want quick and easy service, it’s critical to incorporate self-service tactics such as conversational commerce into your brand’s DNA.

Users will be able to communicate with your company at any time of day, ask questions, and follow their transactions!

You’ll want to stress hyper-personalised service to appeal to Gen Z audiences.

To better understand a user’s individual demands, combine social listening and machine learning to get innovative. It might be as basic as a greeting that asks for the user’s pronouns before entering the chat. Your ticket to winning big with this audience is thoughtful originality.


Online Shopping Trends

Mobile optimisation is essential for meeting both audiences’ expectations.

The user journey should be simple, with a smooth checkout process and a visually appealing design that matches the screen.

Also, make sure your brand or business is easily ‘shoppable’ on social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook.



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